Wonder How Fast You Can Learn Chinese?!

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Wonder How Fast You Can Learn Chinese?!

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Wonder How Fast You Can Learn Chinese?!

Here comes the answer!

If you think learning to speak Chinese will take a miracle,
come to Miracle Mandarin--Guaranteed Results!

The name Miracle Mandarin is from an American couple Paula Desimone and Dave Kingsland, who tried the Miracle Reading program and were amazed at how many characters they were able to master after using Lee's program only for a few weeks in Nov 2003.

Miracle Mandarin Language School, is a well established Chinese language school based in Shanghai.

With a team of Chinese Language teaching experts, the school specialize in Teaching Mandarin Chinese as a foreign language to expatriates and international students.

The school offers :3 to 6 months short term intensive Chinese program;
1 month crash course;
long term Chinese program;
total immersion Chinese program;
summer program;
corporate language program.

The school provides leagal documents for qualified student to get student visa.

Miracle Mandarin School is a truly International school, where her students come from every corner of the world. About 40% of Miracle Mandarin School students are Europeans, 30% American, 15% Australian, 10% are Asian and the remaining 5% are from other countries

Contact us :mm@miraclemandarin.com

Miracle Mandairn has 4 convenient locations in downtown Shanghai.
Xuhui Campus: 1195 Middle Fuxing Road, Tel: (86 21) 5466 5585

Jing An Campus: 21st Floor, 319 Changde Road, Tel: (86 21) 6247 6388

Hongqiao Campus: Rm1103, 59 South Shuicheng Road Tel:6219 8030

Pudong Campus: Rm 504, Building II, 98 Rushan Road Tel: 5888 8755


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Re: Wonder How Fast You Can Learn Chinese?!

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