Can you tell me how to make a chinese girlfriend??

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Can you tell me how to make a chinese girlfriend??

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I'm just wondering if anyone would be able to suggest any ways to me on how to become a couple with a chinese girl??

I've been learning mandarin for about 6 years and can read and write, but I'm from Canada and I'm not chinese.

I mean, what kinds of things can you do to win a chinese girl's heart??

And can anyone suggest any good chinese lines/words/sentences to say to the girl before and after becoming a couple??
How do you ask a chinese girl if she wants to be your girlfriend?
(how do you know if you should even ask???)

Thanks a lot; I really need to know this info.,



Re: Can you tell me how to make a chinese girlfriend??

Post by Liang »

Umm you are not Chinese.... then are you a east asian, southeast asian, south asian, caucasian or african?

Is she an canada-born chinese or else . . . ?
Is she living with her family?
How much does she care about her family?
How close you are to her?

Perhaps the best word is in neither Chinese nor English. . . it is perhaps the word that speaks through your life. . . . . . . ha ha ha


Re: Can you tell me how to make a chinese girlfriend??

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What do you mean "the best word is perhaps the word that speaks through your life"??


Re: Can you tell me how to make a chinese girlfriend??

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Wow... how fast......

. . . . . . . Chinese are people of great variety. . . . chinese girl in one place is different from in another place. . . . I admit that I really don't know the chinese girl that you love. I am afraid that I cannot give you a precise consultation.

However, as a thai born chinese, I was always instructed that I must not choose a native (thai) girl as a wife, my father insists that if I don't want to marry a thai-born chinese, I can marry chinese girl from other countries (e.g. malay, singapore, taiwan, indonesia, hongkong) but I have to be careful if I love a mainland chinese. My father prefers overseas chinese to mainland chinese because he thinks the mainland chinese has strange attitude (ha ha ha). However, if I still don't want to marry a chinese, I should better marry a girl whose culture is very close to chinese (e.g. vietnamese, korean, japanese). The reason is so simple, my father have seen the problems in the families of his friends (who have native wife). He just doesn't want me to have a life-long suffering.

Many overseas chinese are instructed this way... is the girl you love instructed this way as well?

No matter what the answer is, we should assume that she is instructed this way...

If she is instructed that to marry a caucasian or an african equals to taking risk of suffering life. . . . Take it seriously. . . . Think deep. . . . . .

I think she knows very well the possible results of marrying people of different race. . . . but you know it so little. . . .

However, supposed that you know it very well. . . . .

You have to evaluate it, because after marriage, you will suffer because of her chinese culture as well.

Supposed that your love is greater than all things. . . . you love her anyway. . .

Now, do you agree that to love is to give away. . . ? Umm... yes, in the husband-wife relationship there are gives and recieves. . . but if you really love someone you can give even nothing will be given back. . . . do you agree?

If you want to give your life as a priceless gift to her, do you want your loved one to experience the suffering future? (ummmm.... if you do not adapt youself, she will surely be hurt. I don't know that do you agree?)

Okay. . . (so long, ha ha ha), if you don't want her to experience suffering future. . . and you know what will be the problems. . . .

So. . . you want to tell her that you can be a great blessing in her life, what is the way to tell her so?

1) by words alone
2) by wordless actions or
3) by both words and actions

Ummm..... great !!! brilliant !!!! you choose the third answer... !!!

But chinese culture is quiet comparing to western culture. So I just guess that the beautiful chinese girl that you love value your actions than words. Then it is wiser to show your love through your actions, it will be so powerful. I give you a hint, I found it in the Bible, endurance can change even the king's mind. Ummm. . . and also "love endures all things" . . . such a beautiful sentence . . . . Can you make it real?

If you still don't know what are the actions you should show. I suggest that you can learn it through Korean romantic movies or Chinese romantic movies (I do not suggest the Japanese one, it is too violent to me). By watching chinese movies you can know in general how a chinese falls in love. And in korean movies it can educate you how to love a chinese... (ha ha ha. . . I think that many chinese want to have a romantic love like what's in korean movies)

However, I don't personally know the girl you love, I think my suggestion may be wrong as well.

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Re: Can you tell me how to make a chinese girlfriend??

Post by shamla »

If this was intentional manipulation, it sounds like an American woman. LoL

I'm sorry for your pain, but at least you didn't go through 10 years of marriage, a child together, and putting her through college before you heard her say "no thanks." Be thankful that she didn't walk away from your relationship with a much bigger chunk of your heart. I Just turned 36 and am wondering if there truly is another person on this planet who actually believes in the wedding vows that so easily slide from their mouths.