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Re: Malaysian Cantonese

Post by Ah-bin »

Thanks a lot XY I've been looking for a list like this so I can learn to speak the Malaysian style of Cantonese properly instead of the HK style.

If anyone else has a nice list of words like that (particularly the ones that are considered old-fashioned by people in HK) I would be very interested to see them.

Re: Malaysian Cantonese

Post by Andrew »

Duit is Dutch - the duit was the name of a coin worth 1/160 of a guilder:, see ... 1802346/12 for a picture. It was worth 1/100 Spanish dollars so in English-speaking countries it was treated as a cent.

The duit was issued by the Dutch East India Company, and entered Malay and Indonesian as duit, with the general meaning of money. The meaning of cent and perhaps later money was brought back from the Nanyang to China, so Douglas (Amoy, 1873) does not cite lui, but Barclay (Tainan, 1923) cites lui as meaning cent
lui, a cent. tang-lui, copper cents. su-ku-lui, a small coin = 1/4 of a cent; a farthing

Su-ku-lui gives away the Malay origin, i.e. suku duit, a quarter of a cent. In Malaysian Hokkien, lui can mean either money or cent.
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Re: Malaysian Cantonese

Post by muthan »

There are some crazy Hokkien experts there. Lui is widely accepted as a Hokkien/Chinese word with proper chinese character.
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Re: Malaysian Cantonese

Post by Garrinso »

When I started this I was hoping to compile a list of Malaysian Cantonese phrases, it seems like I didn't get very far with that idea. Perhaps an interesting addition not mentioned is the word for "or" in Malaysian Cantonese (as in A or cool smiley. It seems to sound like /aa6/, in stark contrast to HK Cantonese /ding6/.
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Re: Malaysian Cantonese

Post by meis »

广东话】港人不知道的马来西亚广东话 Malaysia Cantonese