Cantonese are not "authentic" Chinese

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Re: Cantonese are not "authentic" Chinese

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Forgive my western ignorance, but what's the diff between cantonese vs Szechuan - like in terms of dishes. I understand the regional differences. All I know of szechuan is szechuan beef. There used to be this amazing mongolian restaurant near where I grew up which served the best szechuan beef I've ever had. Spicy as hell, and very tender and juicy. All I can ever find these days are dry, stringy ginger beef which isn't nearly as good.

Totally different. Szechuan food uses loads of chilli and is very hot, with not a sweet bit in sight. Cantonese uses lots of sugar.

My favourite, and one of the stalwarts of dishes eaten by westerners in China, is gong bao ji ding, which is chicken, cucumber, chillis and peanuts all chopped up and fried together. It is teh delicious.
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Re: Cantonese are not "authentic" Chinese

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Well Yue, if you need further proof that Cantonese are 'authentic' Chinese, did you know that cantonese is often said to be closer to ancient chinese than mandarin? Many poems that do not rhyme in mandarin rhymes in cantonese.

and as a cantonese person I felt very offended by your comments that we are not authentic Chinese.
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Re: Cantonese are not "authentic" Chinese

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Re: Cantonese are not "authentic" Chinese

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may I ask if an Asian becomes a U.S citizen, would you call he/she an authentic American?