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Video Chinese characters for everyone

Posted: Tue Apr 29, 2014 4:51 pm
by literature
Sherlock Holmes receives a registered letter from his old friend Sir
Henry Meyer who asks him to visit the 63 lands of Chinese characters.
After locating the different Chinese characters on the map, Holmes and
Watson embark on their journey to visit the characters, learn how to
easily recognize, read, write and memorize them. During their journey
they learn how the characters are composed along with the grammar
needed to use them in sentences. With each land they visit, Holmes and
Watson receive a message from their friend detective Dee. Detective Dee
asks them to perform different activities to help them learn and
understand the characters they just met. The tasks include reading and
decoding a message, character search, short stories to remember the
tones and reviewing the meaning of each character. Please join Holmes
and Watson on their tour as they learn the Chinese language and the
characters that are part of daily life.