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Chinese New Year Toast

Posted: Tue Jan 14, 2014 11:59 am
by orlimar105
Hi there, I've been asked to give a toast in Mandarin Chinese at a Chinese New Year receiption for our clients. I am an intermediate Mandarin speaker, and have the basic outline for a toast (introduction, "Happy New Year", etc). However, I would like to say a few sentences concerning the fact we are about to enter the Year of the Horse, and may it bring the clients good fortune,may we work together more etc.

Looking at a few Chinese forums for where 马 is used, 马上有钱 seems to be a popular phrase right now. Also, 神马都是浮云. I also note there are a lot of Chinese idioms (成语) using 马。

Any suggestions as to how I might build in the above (and appropriate idioms to use) in my toast gratefully received.