Free Hakka textbooks with sound

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Free Hakka textbooks with sound

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I have found a nice site with all the old textbooks for the FIVE different types of Hakka spoken in Taiwan... ... &BaseDSD=7

I have a small description of each as far as I know about them.

四縣 Si Yen dialect. This is the major type of Hakka spoken in Taiwan, about three quarters of Taiwanese Hakkas spoke it. It has a translation of the Bible and Le Petit Prince, and many teaching materials. It has six tones, and is fairly close to the Moi-yen 梅縣 dialect, considered the standard form in China.

海陸 Hoi-liuk dialect was spoken by about a quarter of the Taiwanese Hakkas, it has seven tones, distinguishing two 去聲 qu tones just like Min. I remember they say kong voi 講譮 and shit-phon 食飯 for "speak" and "eat." I am guessing from what Penang Hakkas have told me that they speak something close to this.

The last three were spoken in small areas by fewer people.
大埔 Thai-phu I don't know so much about this one, other than that it was spoken near Tungshih 東勢 near Taichung and was an inland dialect spoken to the north-east of Moi-yen 梅縣.

饒平 Ngieu-phin This one says fi 水 for water and fe 水 for sleep! I read that it has been slightly influenced by Teochiu.

詔安 Tsau-on This one has been isolated from other varieties of Hakka for so long that it has retained lots of old vocabulary lost in other varieties. It has also been heavily influenced by Hokkien. It has no -k ending, but retains all the others. It also has a b- initial.

The materials are a list of basic vocabulary plus a sound file for each section. Each word has an example sentence, and all of these are read out on a free MP3 - what an amazing teaching resource. I wonder which one I want to learn......