法fǎ国 法fà国? 亚yǎ 洲 亚yà洲?

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法fǎ国 法fà国? 亚yǎ 洲 亚yà洲?

Post by Lafaso870 »

I think 法fǎ国 and 亚yà洲 should be right,

then why sometimes I hear some pronounce like this : 法fà国? 亚yǎ 洲 ?
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Re: 法fǎ国 法fà国? 亚yǎ 洲 亚yà洲?

Post by sixiao »

chinese mandarin says 法fǎ国 and 亚yà洲, people in taiwan say 法fà国and 亚yǎ 洲. many tv programs hire taiwaness to be the host, so you can hear both of these two kinds~

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Re: 法fǎ国 法fà国? 亚yǎ 洲 亚yà洲?

Post by lisakunming »

I agree with sixiao. That's very correct. You can say both when you are in China and people can understand you.
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