Can anyone help me?

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Can anyone help me?

Post by krrish389 »

Can anyone help me learn the Chinese language well, I need to learn to hurry to go there for a time if I do not know the language that I probably should not be wrong. thank you
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Re: Can anyone help me?

Post by ravelino »

You should know first what language you really want to learn. There are many languages in China that you can learn.

Standard Mandarin

China's regional languages

For example, Wu Chinese is a dialect that is primarily spoken in the country's eastern region. It has six subgroups, namely:


Learn more here:
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Re: Can anyone help me?

Post by AleksanderLon »

In any language, regardless of which one, be it English, German, Spanish, Hindi, Zulu – even Chinese – they share 3 common, powerful traits – ChinaSpeak traits. Understanding what these powerful traits are, is your passport to surge forward in your language ability regardless of whether you’re just beginning to learn Chinese or you’re already well on your ChinaSpeaking journey.

A word of advice before you read on: These points are simple. I believe that it’s the simple things in life, like in nature, that are often the most impactful. It’s very easy to gloss over these 3 ChinaSpeak traits and have that little voice in your head say “Yeah rriiiight! – only three?” and after learning these 3 golden keys, say “…Is that it?!”

If you believe that little voice in your head, you might as well save your time now and not continue reading on.

Still here? Wise choice.

So what Exactly are these 3 simple yet powerful ChinaSpeak traits?

I want you to imagine your house. I assume it’s standing and can withstand the wind, the elements so WHY is it standing?

Because it has a strong foundation, right? Strong walls.

Let’s say that you live in a cottage-styled, brick house. Your strong walls are made of bricks.

One of the 3 simple yet powerful ChinaSpeak traits to powering forward in learning any language is just like your house – made up of strong Bricks.

#1 Powerful Language Trait – Bricks

Bricks are the solid things that make up our wall. The type of ‘brick’ depends on the situation that we’re in. Are we in the desert? Deep in the humid, tropical jungle? In the arctic?

In each of those settings, different building materials, different ‘bricks’ needed to be used, wouldn’t you agree?

For example, in the desert, it’ll be sand, tundra, farm animal manure. In the tropical jungle, it’ll be logs and wooden planks. In the arctic, you guessed it, ice blocks.

It is the same thing in language where vocabulary are our ‘bricks’. The type of vocabulary that we use very much depends on our situation. Are we negotiating in a business setting? Having a chat with friends over dinner? Bargaining and haggling with the street vendor in one of the open-air markets?

In each of those situations, particular bricks, particular words are used and not usually used elsewhere.

I can’t really imagine you referring to your mother when you’re negotiating in business…or asking for a fried rice when shopping for clothing.

So HOW do you make the most of ChinaSpeak Trait #1 – Bricks?

Look at your particular situation - ask yourself and write down: WHAT kind of words would I use in this situation?

If it makes things easier – imagine, in your native language, what kind of words would you use in that situation?

Be free with yourself and let it all flow out, whatever comes out until nothing else appears. Take a 7 minute break – get up and out, into the sun, outside, take some deep breaths, walk around.

Then ask yourself Again right then and there... What would I Say or Hear in such a situation?

You’ll find that the thoughts will start flowing again.
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Re: Can anyone help me?

Post by generalzod »

Are you trying to learn mandarin chinese?