Could someone translate this? Thanks

Translation to and from Minnan
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Could someone translate this? Thanks

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Could someone translate this? Thanks


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Re: Could someone translate this? Thanks

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Hello Mahesh,

sorry it took so long. The writing at first glance didn't make much sense to me. Only now I realized that apparently the right part of the pic got cut of and there's something missing. With a bit of googling, I found that it doesn't have anything to do with Hokkien, but is quite unspectacular. It reads 常州市双牛焊割设备厂 (Chángzhōu-shì Shuāngniú hàngē shèbèi chǎng) and gives you, I would guess, the place of production of whatever the characters were copied from: The Shuangniu factory for welding equipment in the city of Changzhou. If you google them (copy and paste the characters), their internet page will be the first hit (although it's Chinese only, but in this particular case, google translator might actually be of more help than most people on this forum because I suspect that many of the other contributors are equally clueless about the Chinese technical vocabulary for welding technology, and google translator actually did better on those than all of my digital Chinese dicts).