Chinese alphabet

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Chinese alphabet

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How can I spell Antoinette with Chinese alphabet? Please help.

Mei Guanxi

Re: Chinese alphabet

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: How can I spell Antoinette with Chinese alphabet? Please help.
actually you can't because chinese language doesn't have an alphabet!
If you wan't to learn more about this you should read the FAQs at

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i need your help

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what do all the symbols look like?

Julie Koch

Re: Chinese alphabet

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: How can I learn to write the Chinese alphabet? Please help.

just curious

Re: Chinese alphabet

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Seems you forgot to write something in the message body before you clicked on submit. What did you want to say ?

just curios

To Julie

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Dear Julie,
it's funny with your messages. There are some messages from you, but you never write something. Only your name and email adress but never anything in the message body. Why don't you write anything ? I can't understand. What's wrong ?

Mei Guanxi

Re: Chinese alphabet

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: : How can I learn to write the Chinese alphabet? Please help.
There is no chinese alphabet. Just read my other answer in this thread. Chinese Language has a total different concept.

jorge pintado

Re: Chinese alphabet

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How can you write jorge in chinesse letters? THANK U


Re: Chinese alphabet

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I'm really curious about the chinease alphabet. Please tell me.


Chinese doensn't have an alphabet

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The Chinese Language does not have an alphabet!
This language has a totally differrent concept for writing. Each chinese character (there are thousands of them) has it's own meaning. There is i.e. a single character that means 'women', another one for 'man', one for 'peace', one for 'love' and so on. Chinese characters are basically pictographs, abstract pictures that symbolize a special meaning. You also know pictographs from traffic signs or signs in an airport, telling you where the toilet is, or the telephone, the elevator ... even if you are in a foreign country and do not know the language. On the other hand, the characters of the differents alphabets (the latin alphabet that we use here, the greek alphabet, the cyryllic alphabet that is used in russia, and others) have no own meaning, they only transport a sound. A 'B' is just a 'B', no special meaning, you just know how to pronounce it, that's all.
In the spoken chinese language, each character is connected with a syllable of the language. In the different chinese dialects (at least 8 main dialects) the pronunciation of the characters is different but the meaning of the chartacters is the same and a north chinese (speaking mandarin dialect) can read a newspaper in guangzhou (cantonese dialect) without problems but will not be able to talk to another person who only speaks cantonese. But if you go i.e. from england to france, you'll also find the same characters but if you read the word 'encre' you'll maybe not know that it is the french word for 'ink', even if you know the characters.

Please read also the FAQ section of the homepage and have a look on this :


Re: Chinese alphabet

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how do i say happy mothers day in mandarinand who do iwrite it

khalid khan

Re: Chinese language

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hello sir
i m from india n want to speap chinese as i speak my language . please guide me how to go for it .. tell me all kinds of help fromthe net
thank you..

mike wu

Re: Chinese alphabet

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Hello ! I needs your help , My friend ask me what is shoushan stone ? and she say shoushan stone is from 福建 &#30476; 福州市 famous stone For making 印章, And how to write the chinese character ? Thanks you.


Re: Chinese alphabet

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Hey, I' want to get a henna tatto of something written in chineese symbols. could you tell me how these look?

< Life
< Dreams/Dreamer
< Rock
< Guitars

please help me asap, THANKS