Need trnaslation for "dance"

Translations to and from Chinese.

Need trnaslation for "dance"

Post by Felecia »

Please help! I want to name my dance squad "dance." I want to use the Chinese expression or translation for this along with the Symbol for it beside it on all of our uniforms and jackets. If anyone knows this, please email me back. I need to get the proper words back to me screen-printer today if possible! Thank you so much for your help!


Re: Need trnaslation for "dance"

Post by rizdimanche »

chinese characters for "dance" should be written as:
in cantonese, the chinese characters should be read as: ... tonese.mp3
and in mandarin as: ... ndarin.mp3

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Re: Need trnaslation for "dance"

Post by gracyna »

What are some good stretching songs for dance practice? I'm a dance coach now (I danced for several years) and I'm looking to build my collection of stretching music. I am looking for calm, relaxing songs that are not from the radio, and appropriate for ages ten and up. Thanks!
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Re: Need trnaslation for "dance"

Post by sheetha »

I'm looking to build my collection of stretching music. I am looking for calm, relaxing songs that are not from the radio, and appropriate for ages ten and up.

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Re: Need trnaslation for "dance"

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Re: Need trnaslation for "dance"

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