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Hakka grammar book

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Hello nice to see this forum!

Does anyone know any good books on hakka grammar? I guess there won't be any written in English, but Chinese is ok for me. Could you tell me where I could order them too?


Thomas Chin

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Try http://www.smcbook.com.tw/ , I'm not sure if they still have any.


Dylan Sung

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The books on language and linguistics are found on the following page at SMC.


I couldn't find anything there on Hakka Grammar. It's been around four or five years since I asked Dr. Lau Chunfat on the matter. He said that Hakka has a similar grammar to that of Cantonese, though with exceptions. I would suggest

Matthews, S. & V.Yip. 1994. Cantonese: A Comprehensive Grammar.



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Thanks for your suggestions.

Liu Zin Fat

Re: Hakka grammar book

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Hello everyone,

I am Liu Zinfat (Lau Chunfat/Liu Zhenfa), happy to see your questions. I am now printing my book on Hong Kong Hakka in Chinese and it will appear in a month's time. Name of the Book: 香港原居民客語 - 一個消失中的聲音(Hong Kong aboriginal Hakka, a vanishing voice). ca 250pages, A5 size, 10.5 point characters.

The book, in Traditional Chinese, tells everything about Hong Kong Aboriginal Hakka (Hiong Gong Ngen Gi Min Hak Ngi), including the grammar.

The book will be sold from July onwards in bookstores of Hong Kong, @ HK$50(US$7). However, I plan to send away 20 books as gifts for those who write to me from now onwards (each one of you is entitled to get ONE free book only), until the quota is filled. My mail: tafniz@tom.com

Please write your postal address in detail so that the book can reach you safely. From the 21st oder onwards, the book will be sold at its bookshop price, but you don't have to pay the postage. If you order five or ten books, you can get them with US$30 for 5 or $50 for 10.

Thanks for your support.

Liu Zinfat

Associate Professor,
Dept of Chinese, Xiamen University, China


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halo,nice to see you here!
i am so glad that you want a Hakka grammar book and ya are gonna learn
Hakka dialet.before i forget ,i once fond a book called DIALETS OF CHINA
in a bookstore which includes some dialets also,such as cantonese,fujian
dialet,Hakka Dialet,ect.
I am a Hakka people ,actually.i have been speaking this kind of dialet since i was born.if you need some help,just email me,ok?


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Hi Zinfat,

It's good to hear from you again, after so long. Good to see you've attained your professorship in Xiamen. I've been busy, but not online much nowadays, the latest stuff can be found via my site below.

Zhongguo Fangyan Cihui deals with vocabulary across dialect. Zhongguo Fangyin Zihui deals with the pronunciation of Chinese characters across Chinese dialects. Thanks to Thomas Chin of this site who has a link to the DOC project, I have been able to convert their file into IPA, and you can get a copy of it from my site, here:




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there is a hakka grammar book from xiamen univeristy press
客家方言语法研究 何 耿镛 1993 xmupress.com


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I don't know that if anyone has given a link for this free hakka book by Prof.zhong 锺