Name Ah Eam

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Andrew Yong

Name Ah Eam

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My grandfather was Ah Mooi (youngest child) most of his life, but his birth certificate shows the name Ah Eam. In Malaysian transcription this would be pronounced /iam/ or /jam/. Can anyone tell me what this hanzi could be?

Dylan Sung

Re: Name Ah Eam

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Problem is, there are so many characters with the syllable in different tones.

yam1 奄 ? 剡 ? 崦 ?{
yam2 炎 檐 ? 剡 啖 ? 檐 ? ? 阽
yam3 掩 淹 罨 ? ? ? ?R ?? ?
yam4 ?? ? ? 焱 琰 剡 炎 ? 焰 ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ?w

My guess is 炎, because I've seen this in a man's name before. What's crucial, I guess, is he was of my father's generation, that is the guy is now almost 70. ... in,english