Christmas Chengyu

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Christmas Chengyu

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I'm aware that a lot of these chengyu can be used in a variety of situations, but since Christmas is not a Chinese holiday, there aren't that many specifically Christmas-y ones...

• 平安喜樂 (this is not a chengyu, but I'm told this is a collocation specifically used by Christians, would be great to get more confirmation on this)
• 張燈結綵
• 瑞雪兆豐年
• 興高采烈
• 喜氣洋洋
• 火樹銀花
• 美輪美奐
• 鑼鼓喧天
• 駢肩累喠
• 笙歌鼎沸
• 闔家團圓
• 五彩繽紛
• 皓如繁星
• 熙熙攘攘