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Your Future Global Language

Post by ronaldo »

Communication could be so much easier if there existed one common, global language. But which language should it be?

Should it be English, Spanish, French, Mandarin, Cantonese? Or would Esperanto or any other artificial, international language be better suitable?

On the following website you can take part in the first global election and more:

Vote for the best language you can think of,
Make your voice heard with your comments and ideas and
Have a look how others decided and what others think



Re: what does "moon" mean in cantonese?

Post by michael »

my aunt asked me something involving this word.. and i dont know what it means. little help please.


Re: what does "moon" mean in cantonese?

Post by Teriyaki »

"Moon" can have many meaning based on what tone you use.

Using a rising tone, "moon" means "full", as in, "The cup is full," but not, "I am too full to eat anything else."

Using a low level tone, "moon" can mean both "door" and "bored".

"Hoi moon" is "open the door."

"Ngo ho moon a!" is "I am so bored!"

Hope this helps,



Post by Luke »

I thin the global language should be english. The reason is because most of the population of china can speak it, most spanish people, and its a second language to the french and so on.