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I have a few questions about the image below, which is from my great-grandfather's grave:

1. Is Zeng Yi the same as the city or county of Zengcheng?

2. Is there any significance to the dragon image at the top of the gravestone? Also, is there any significance to the expression "da-ren" at the bottom? Is it the same as tai-jin in Hokkien, i.e. some sort of kapitan/mandarin?

3. The names of the sons seem very strange to me. Is it likely that the wrong characters inscribed? Some of the characters have been touched up subsequently, so there are a few minor mistakes in the characters, but I am thinking more of the feminine nature of the names.

4. Does the expression "xian-zu" at the top signify anything different from the more common expression "xian-kao"?

5. Is this enough information to trace my family genealogy in China, where my great grandfather was born?


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No,I don't think 增邑 is a town.It is the same with zengcheng.There are two sects of hakka there.You need to know the town.

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Darn. I just read your whole post then got to the bottom and clicked the link and the picture is nowhere to be found. If you could repost the picture I'd like to have a look.

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Re: Zengcheng

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ok i got this is good.....