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Learning Chinese is FUN!

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Always wandering how to say "hot girl" in Chinese, especially
when you meet someone really "Hot" and you would like to talk to:
here is the treat for you today:

chūzhòngde rén
出众的 人
a lulu,a hot girl

Yàoshuō piàoliang , wǒmen gōngsī xīnláide mìshū kě suànshì gè xiàngmào chūzhòngde rén .
要说 漂亮 , 我们 公司 新来的 秘书 可 算是 个 相貌 出众的 人 。
Talking about being pretty, our company’s new secretary is indeed a lulu.

Function: You could use this phrase to describe someone’s appearance, especially those who are attractive and hot women.

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