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a website for learning Chinese

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Chinese character components
There ae three aspects to the structure of a Chinese character ; the strokes, the components, and the whole character. For example, the character"木" consists of four strokes; "—" ,"丨" ,"丿","丶". It is a basic character and is also used as a component for some other characters. For example, “林”:consists of two "木" characters. The components are the core structure of a Chinese character. Chinese characters can be divided into character-parts and non-character-parts. For example, "院" can be divided into the following three parts, “宀”“阝”“元”of which "元" is a character-part, while “宀”“阝”are the non-character-parts. The key to learning Chinese character well is to master their components.
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Re: a website for learning Chinese

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http://www.learnchinese.bj.cn is a good site to learn Chinese. The reasons can be mainly categorized the next two aspects. For one thing, they have more than 70 excellent bilingual Chinese teachers (For teaching) and more than 500 Chinese volunteers (For practice) in China. For another, they offer 24/7 online Chinese class through Live Video Classroom and education service support for global partners.