Zhiying Education Will Teach Worldwide Foreigners Chinese

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Zhiying Education Will Teach Worldwide Foreigners Chinese

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Zhiying Education Will Teach Worldwide Foreigners Chinese
Free download during Olympic Time

“Thousands of foreigners will come to Beijing and language is what worries them the most.” said famous expert in language education Zhang Xiuqin, superintendent of Zhiying Education Institute. Zhiying Education, the best Chinese teaching field in China; which has already
set up training branches in the U.S.A. and Australia, announced in Hangzhou yesterday that they will launch Chinese courses online for foreigners via myTino.com

“Even though you are a foreigner without a little knowledge of Chinese language, you can master around a thousand Chinese characters and hundreds of everyday conversations in 2 weeks. These can fulfill your daily needs in China.” Apparently, Zhang is confident to her entirely new courses.

Through practicing and testing by experts, the learning efficiency of Zhiying courses is up to 10 times higher than other learning methods which outstand among numerous learning methods. In 2006, Zhiying Education won the “Top 50 of Chinese Education and Training Institution Brands” prize and “First Group of National Language Training Models”.

Chen Jian, the secretary-general of Beijing Olympic Economy Research Association, estimated there will be around 600,000 foreigners coming to Beijing during the Olympics and 4.5 million tourists in total will have visited Beijing this year. “Evidently, how to communicate effectively will be the most urgent service for them.” said the executive of myTino which offers a platform for the activity. “It is an important cause that we are willing to cooperate with Zhiying Education.”

MyTino is a global marketplace for collaboration and intellectual property creation of all sizes. Since it went online last year, it has provided a progressive working environment and trading platform allowing their members to have the opportunity to fill demands from all over the world and benefit from the ever-integrated global economy.

“We also hope that via myTino, more foreigners who want to learn Chinese can use our Olympics special version of Zhiying Chinese.” said Zhang Xiuqin.

“The cooperation between myTino and Hangzhou Zhiying Education is a successful service outsourcing model” said people who work in the Outsourcing field.
Zhiying Education posted their accomplished ideas and conception of the courses and 150,000 myTino registered members finished carrying out the whole Olympic courses online. Finally, via myTino, those courses thoroughly used by foreigners who will come to Beijing during the Olympic time. “It is this kind of service outsourcing that is supported and encouraged by Hangzhou government.”

At the press conference held yesterday, Zhiying Education and myTino announced together that for the Beijing Olympic Games, the courses can be downloaded for free.

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I visit the site just now, it is interesting. I've never seen this learning method before. Free download is great, thanks for sharing.

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Well,It's a good idea for me.Because I want to go to Beijing to see the olympic and I can quickly learn some Chinese.I just went to MyTinoto find some useful message.I can see after that my Chinese improved and now I am very happy.Hope you can also get what you want with MyTino.

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Re: Zhiying Education Will Teach Worldwide Foreigners Chinese

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