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translations, help~~

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there is this word that sounds negative, i know, when you say it you say 'ho (好) zai' it sounds like 弊 (bai6). when you describe a situation, and it's bad, some people say "ho zai ah" - i'm not sure what it means, but it sounds very negative.

and there was this other word, sau sun ching, i think it means something like to inherit certain genes/traits from one's parents? i think it's like 受/授 身輕/申請

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Re: translations, help~~

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i think 'ho zai' = 好滯 and usually we Cantonese say 'ho wan zai' = 好運滯 that means 'very very unlucky'.

'ah' = 呀 is only an option word for emphasis on the sentence. you may include it or not.