learn chinese web site

Chinese language courses, lessons, and websites
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learn chinese web site

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learn chinese web site

a lot of usefull learn chinese materials,

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Another recommended website for learning Chinese:

Sinoling.com ( http://www.sinoling.com )

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More resources

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if you're an absolute beginner...

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if you're an absolute beginner, check out http://www.ecChinese.com.

it's a good place to start before you move on to more formal language courses elsewhere.

using a fun and interactive interface, you can pick up a couple of words and phrases in no time!

whether you're a traveller, expat, or just interested in getting to know a little chinese to show off to your buddies at the pub, you'll find this a relaxed and simple approach what has been said to be a difficult language.

the lessons have been translated into 21 languages, so hopefully there's one for you!

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if you want to improve your oral Chinese and learn more about China and Chinese culture..i think you should have a look at this website:http://www.echineseonline.com/j.do?sid=Amy&type=1
practice chinese live with fun and dynamic native chinese speakers: http://www.echineseonline.com/j.do?sid=Amy&type=1

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360 basic Chinese characters

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360 Chinese Characters would allow you to recognize 7 out of 10 characters in a standard publication.

One character every day with pinyin, pronunciation, stroke breakdown, frequency and example(s) at:


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FREE chinese lessons, learn chinese online!
A interesting lessons, FREE!
A day it will provide you with the new curriculum.

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Re: learn chinese web site

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chinese-online is a place to Learn Chinese ,to find free chinese tutors to teach chinese madarin, a place to be!


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Re: learn chinese web site

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100 Popular Chinese Idioms
Experiencing Chinese 100: Popular Chinese Idioms is a language book written specifically for a non-native Chinese speaker who wants to perfect his/her Chinese by speaking like a native. It provides 100 popular Chinese idioms that are used almost daily and are an integral part of the Chinese language. Along with each idiom are two short dialogues in which the phrase is used and some synonymous expressions to help the reader gain a better appreciation and understanding of the idiom's usage. Also, pointers and illustrations help to further explain the different usages and meanings. All of the sentences are written in Simplified Chinese characters with Pinyin and an English translation. Accompanying CD helps the student by letting them listen to the phrases being studied.

Learn Chinese On the Move Language Course

Speak Mandarin in Five Hundred Words
The main purpose of learning a language is the natural and fluent application of the language in daily life. So is the purpose of overseas youth of Chinese descent in studying the Chinese language. Based on its consistent policy and concept of serving overseas Chinese, the Overseas Chinese Affairs Commision has published several series of Chinese teaching materials to meet the needs of Overseas Chinese in different Regions. The present reader follows the mass line. It may be used by people of different age groups from different walks of life.

Learn to speak chinese

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Re: learn chinese web site

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Alternatively you guys may also want to check out http://www.learnchineselanguage.net

It,s is about learning the first 100 chinese characters online

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Re: learn chinese web site

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whether you're a traveller, expat, or just interested in getting to know a little chinese to show off to your buddies at the pub, you'll find this a relaxed and simple approach what has been said to be a difficult language.

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Re: learn chinese web site

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Hope the website can help you to overcome the difficulties to study

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Re: learn chinese web site

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Thanks demoore and fine for those great lists. I plan to learn mandarin for my trip to China this time next year. I'll have to start studying now though.