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Post by A-Hiong »

Its starting to get annoying to see people come into the Chinese forum and ask for translations again. Not only that, its getting worse, they are demanding Chinese alphabets???? I don't know what's the deal with these people in the first place but maybe there's a way to educate them by putting some disclaimer or something??? This is becoming a repeated thing.

Thomas Chin

Re: Welcome to CCDICT forum

Post by Thomas Chin »

I'll put a request at the top of the page not to post translations in certain forums.

Hope this will help a bit.




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Post by Jennifer »

When I searched for the character 「拍」(Hanyu Pinyin: pai1), I couldn't find any matches for that. Could you please add it to the dictionary?
Thanks a lot!


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Post by sunwukong »

Ben and others. Kwuk Yel (Korean) would probably be rendered as Kuo Yu in Chinese, (Kuo=Nation Yu=language/speech).

I have an interesting quote from some Chri$tian Mi$$ionaries to Korea in which they simply state that even in the mid 1800's the upper class in Korea Read and wrote Chinese and spoke it as well. This may be a bias on their part since they probably were themselves Chinese Speakers and Chinese may have just been the only common language they shared. It may also just reflect the subserviance of the upper class to China. Another professor I know states that Chinese Characters are fully integrated into the Korean language, but by that measure most Koreans under 50 are illiterate, and can not even read the "Korean" declaration of independance, which uses mostly Chinese Characters.