Domain name change:

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Domain name change:

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Dear all,

Some might have noticed that this website can be entered via and

I did not renew the domain registration for, so from Jan. 2003 on, only will be accessible.

Please update any links you have.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Thomas Chin


Re: Domain name change:

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Dear Thomas,

It's a shame that you didn't renew the domain registration for

Now, the domain name will probably be bought up by pornographers or gambling site owners to lure unsuspecting people to their "services".

Also, all the hyperlinks at other web sites that link to your web site will become dead links (such as the site's "Chinese Characters Dictionary Web", etc.)

The forum postings that reference to web pages at this site will become dead links.

Do you have a list of sites that link to your site. If you do you should notify the webmasters of those sites of the impending change.

Kobo-Daishi, PLLA.

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Re: Domain name change:

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Kobo-- do you think I'd get money for telling a porn site that it was a hot domain for stupid people who want tatooes? ;)


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