surrogate pairs and excel / win 2000

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surrogate pairs and excel / win 2000

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Im trying to get up with Thomas Chin. Back in January he helped me with two excel functions to view / use surrogate pairs in excel. He provided two excel functions that work flawlessly in Win XP with Excel 2002 but which do not work in excel 2000 under win 2000.

The characters are there in win 2000 but you do not see them for some reason. I run the functions on a cell using the 5 digit hex for the character as input. The function pastes the character in the target cell. I then cut this cell and paste it into firefox and bingo the character is there.

Is this a problem with excel 2000 vs excel 2002 or is it a problem with win 2000 vs win XP?

As a side note I now have the entire unihan db in excel with characters but it only works in win xp (so far).

I have also edited the CTC and STC trigraphs into a CTC/STC extract from the unihan db. I have also indexed the CTC/STC with the Shou Wei Hao Ma indexing system.

Pat Kirol