Your Reliable Interpreter / Business Assistant / Tour Guide

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Your Reliable Interpreter / Business Assistant / Tour Guide

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We provide you with Interpreters/Business Assistants or Travel Guides in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Ningbo and across China. We ensure your trip to China is safer, cheaper & more productive.

WQS China Interpreters offers key services for people who do business or travel in China (please visit our website ).

WQS China Interpreters works hard to ensure that you get a top-level match for your specific needs. We focus on proficiency, integrity and honesty so you can rest-assured. We do this while keeping our prices at or below the industry standard.

Our Services:
For your personal/recreational trip we will provide you a qualified local assistant to guide you in all of your daily needs in translating, accommodations, traveling, food and entertainment and of course bargaining.

For your business trip we will provide you with an experienced, qualified and, most importantly, a dedicated and loyal business assistant. He or she will be devoted to making your stay, travel and business run smoothly and to your advantage.

For further information about our company, please visit our website:

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Or Call:
+1 312 212 3445 – Chicago USA Hotline