Hire a Tutor to Learn Chinese Language

Translations to and from Chinese.
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Hire a Tutor to Learn Chinese Language

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Hire a tutor and teach you face to face. Set up a schedule, and then you can meet with your tutor regularly and start to explore Chinese. It is more manageable than going to China and you can still learn authentic Chinese if can find and afford a good tutor. The tutor might also open the door of the local Chinese community for you. One drawback is that it is hard to find a native Chinese speaker who is willing and able to teach Chinese outside certain areas. Also, you or your tutor needs to beat traffic to meet at the class time. In metropolitans like New York City or Los Angels, it often means commuting on the road for hours. It is even worse in inclement weathers. Another drawback is that the available time slot might be limited. You don't enjoy driving or taking bus at midnight, do you?

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Re: Hire a Tutor to Learn Chinese Language

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