In what way you learn Chinese Language

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In what way you learn Chinese Language

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It's a very effective method: learn Chinese language starting from the most frequently used Chinese words and characters. Chinese language learning has been made easy focusing on the 1,000 most common Chinese characters that make 89% of all Chinese language usage.
Traditional Chinese teaching method try best to let Chinese learners master every word, Pinyin and grammars. These tasks torture every learner. These friends, with great interest to Chinese culture learning, will lose passion and patience under this kind of learning method and atmosphere. They can not communicate with others though they stick to learn until the end as it is deaf and dumb Chinese.
Actually, as driving a car, language is a communication tool for humans and it is a repeated process to master and learn it. Will it be effective to drive a car well only through talking by method and skills? People with common sense know that driving a car needs practice. Through iterative practice, application, revision and practice again, it will realize the fun of driving with agilities. So, driving is not leant but by practiced. So do the language learning, it is practiced. The language is like a communication tool, which needs to be used iteratively and mastered flexibly, but not to be combined with formulas and tools for communication like math or physics tools. The word is not the element in the formula either that can be combined randomly for results.

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Re: In what way you learn Chinese Language

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