i am looking for a Chinese Language Buddy

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i am looking for a Chinese Language Buddy

Post by bonniewin »

i am looking for a Chinese Language Buddy to help with my Chinese studies.
i am quite interested in learning Chinese.
Although it is very hard to study and i want to have a try.

详情请见 http://www.publicchinese.com/school/buddyMainCn.action

bonnie from www.chinesebuddy.com

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Post by minghuan »

i love Chinese too!~~i think Chinese characters are so magical.


btw,Chinese people prefer the QQ messenger..however.

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Post by amy_here »

there are more and more Chinese getting to use MSN 8) ~
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Post by telluchinese »

maybe i can teach Chinese Language.
is my pleasure to generalize Chinese Language and Chinese Culture.
Contact me: