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guangzhou professional interpreter and purchase agent

Posted: Sun Oct 16, 2011 1:49 am
by vincent_tse88
Subject: Guangzhou Professional Interpreter and Business Assistant

Dear Sir or Madam:

Participating business congregation in foreign country is a sophisticated procedure and exhausting. Particularly if yours corresponded or prior correspond mutual partner is incapable to distinguish the language that is understandable to you. Therefore a solely understandable methodology is necessitating. I exceedingly believe that expressing the precise intended opinions to your mutual partner in China is the most excellent methodology in assisting foreign individual or corporate on whichever business meeting that is planned. By utilizing this methodology the concern of accidentally causing distinct cultural conflict is preventable. Furthermore it’s accumulating your precious time and incredibly efficient. I had implanted this methodology to every meeting that my client has assigned me previously. It works!! Without any difficulties as well as my client are in fact pleased with the output. Moreover I believe that assisting you to achieve whatever objective that you had planned earlier is far more important than any additional issue.

Through the experiences that I had acquired from years in supporting overseas businesses in China. Six years to be precise and with tons of problem solvable technique to engage in problem that would occur after agreement or prior to agreement that I had obtained. I’m capable of providing a copy of written Chinese to English understandable official contract that incorporated all discussed concern subjective. The objective of this approach is applied for individual or corporation references, as well as an approach of prevention for any further misconduct-ion or any act of disregard or any deliberately erroneous by your mutual partner in China that is unforeseen. Whilst I representing assisting, I perform sincerely and professionally. Business principles in different country are sophisticated to comprehend in short term, therefore this procedure act as a guiding principle or references for you and your mutual partner here in China. Additionally I’ll be assisting you in organizing or scheduling a meeting before you enter China. I’ll also be assisting you in establishing contact or Creating a Relation Bridge with any Chinese individual or corporation that you require or any businesses that you require to establish here in China. I concern your business in China as important as you would be. Beside I strongly believe that a business expedition are ought to be as enjoyable and relax-able as promising. I longing to clarify additional information regarding how I am able to assist you in China but further understanding regarding your requirement is necessitating for me to facilitate you. Therefore I’ll simplify a summary of my assisting program for your understanding and references.

Before Arrival or Planning Stage
- I am capable to establish a formal business contact with any individual or corporation in China with or without entitling as your representative prior to subjective given or understandable by the detail information that had prior provided by you.
- I am capable to source any related business company that is equivalent with your present business subjective or any non-related business entity that you require along with a detail report will be provided for your references
- I am capable to organize a business meeting that you intended prior to specify date that is agreeable by you and your prior-associate partner in china, where a detail of authenticate schedule will be provide to both parties for references.
- Transportation will be organize for further conveniences which is agreeable previously
- Supplementary related concern will also be specified visibly for your conveniences

During Arrival
- Following an absolute confirmation on your arrival date after finalizing, I’ll re-confirm with the transportation that prior agreed by you previously to escort you in the airport to your designated hotel (Please noted that I’ll be personally address you at the airport), where any additional location or places that you desired to attend immediately is possible.

- Internal secondary meeting on objective and outline will be practice minute ahead of the meeting for the assurance of identical understanding prior to your requirement and objective.
- During the congregation I’ll be assisting you in interpreting your entire communication difficulties or any related document that you require to be comprehended.
- If a collaboration agreement is adjourned a detail of discussed report will be provided to you for your references.
- If the discussion is established a formal contract prepared by me is an optional alternative to you, where further assigning an attorney to legalize the contract according to international or China law will be assisted by me.

Regarding to further additional questions that you desired to inquiry about me or if there’s any information that I had overlook, Please do not hesitate to contact me by the detail clarify on below. I’ll respond to you as soon as possible.

Welcome to China and have a pleasant day!!

Sincerely yours,
Vincent Tse
Mr. Vincent Tse Hock Chai
China, Guangzhou Professional Freelancing Business Consultant
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