Transliteration from Hokkien names into Hanzi

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Transliteration from Hokkien names into Hanzi

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Hello there,

Recently I am preparing for my family genealogical tree. The problem is all of them are using Hokkien (some using Mandarin) and there is no more in my family who can speak Hokkien or Mandarin, or just speak a little bit of some phrases, and I only speak conversational Mandarin since I learnt it from university. Can anybody help me with my project, or help me by providing me some Hokkien online dictionary maybe? I would like to transliterate the Hokkien names into Mandarin (hanzi).

If you would like to help me, please visit this link: ... sp=sharing to get the file on MS Word, I have transliterated some of the characters but the rest I really don't know.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,