Rhymes in Penang Hokkien

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Rhymes in Penang Hokkien

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TUA3 PHAU3 (BIG FIRE-CRACKER) Penang Hokkien Rhyme

Tua3 Phau3 is a Penang Hokkien rhyme often recited by scouts in Penang. It literally means big fire cracker, but is also slang to mean a person who talks big or boasts. The rhyme below can be taken at face value, to mean that various fire crackers make different noise, but can also mean that when a big boaster and a smaller boaster meet, the result is a barrage of boasting.
Tua3 phau3 phong3!
Seh1 phau3 phiang3!
Tua3 phau3 seh1 phau3 phing3 phong3 phiang3!
Big fire-cracker goes, "Phong!"
Small fire-cracker goes, "Phiang!"
Big and small fire-crackers go, "Phing Phong Phiang!"

I've listed the rhyme here: http://www.penang-traveltips.com/hokkien-rhymes.htm

If you know any Penang Hokkien rhymes, please share it here!