Hokkien lang

Discussions on the Hokkien (Minnan) language.
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Hokkien lang

Post by lonelybaby89 »

Just want to know is there any hokkien people here from MALAYSIA. Anyway, i am Ah Man from Malaysia.
Hope to meet more hokkien people... and to chit chat more... to keep the language well in all generations...=P

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Re: Hokkien lang

Post by AngSanley »

I am from Medan, Indonesia, it seems like our hokkien are just the same
Originally posted by AngSanley.
Cē lē post sǐ cǐn cīn AngSanley post ē.

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Re: Hokkien lang

Post by Turdmor »

Im going to travel to Malaysia in spring. Maybe we can meet?

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Re: Hokkien lang

Post by timothytye »

Hi there,

I am a Hokkien-speaking Penang lang. Happy to get to know you. I am doing my part to keep the language alive with my own free online Hokkien lessons.