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colloquial Chinese

Posted: Sun Sep 28, 2008 4:13 pm
by shellyuan
Here are some colloquial words in Chinese, I have found them on ... 10-02.html , have you heard them? Do you know the meaning?
大腕儿(dà wàn er)
person with high skills or rich experiences
大款(dà kuan)
person of wealth
下岗(xià gang)
lose one’s job
被炒鱿鱼(bèi chao yóu yú)
to be fired
下海(xià hai)
(of people from other walks of life) go in for business
门儿清 (ménr qīng)
know very well; know everything inside out
火暴(huo bào)
vigorous; prosperous; exciting
炒股(chao gu)
speculate in stock
泡沫经济 (pào mò jīng jì)
bubble economy
脱口秀 (tuō kou xiù)
talk show
网上冲浪(wang shàng chōng làng)
surf the Internet
宰客 (zai kè)
to swindle money out of customers
恭喜发财(gōng xi fā cái)
May you be prosperous! Wish you all the best!