Hi,could u help me?

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Hi,could u help me?

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Hi, this sep. I plan to fly to study chinese language at HARBIN ENGINEERING UNIVERSITY may be 1-2 years but I have heard that HARBIN is SOOOO COLD and I cant imagine that how come it will be, What abt the life style there and what abt HARBIN UNIVERSITY that is a good one right? the reason I choose to learn there because of tuition fee quite cheap compare with study in BEIJING or SHANGHAI,so I dnt know that HARBIN is agood choice for me or not,so could u please give me recommend abt HARBIN ENGINEERING UNIVERSITY

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Re: Hi,could u help me?

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Hi , airomyth!
welcome to the forum!
I'm a chinese language teacher in yangshuo of china. I'm sorry I'm not acquaintanted with HARBIN ENGINEERING UNIVERSITY. You said that you'll study chinese for 1-2 years. I'm not sure if you plant to study serious chinese or basic chinese. Yangshuo is a nice place to study basic chinese language and culture in a relaxed atmosphere. Because here also is a good tournist spot for foreigners. The wether is nice ! You can go to hiking,bike ride and sunbath. You'll be amazed at the scenery!
Anyway, Welcome to China!
I hope you are happy everyday! :D
Hello! Everybody! I'm a Chinese teacher !
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Welcome to Shenzhen University to learn chinese language~~
beautiful city and beautiful campus~~