How to Celebrate the coming Chinese New Year

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How to Celebrate the coming Chinese New Year

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In Chinese, we called “celebrate new year”guo nian.

Zhōng guó zuì zhòng yào de jié rì jiù shì chūn jié, yě jiào zhōng guo xin nián.
The most important holiday in China is Spring Festival, also known as the Chinese New Year.

Duì zhōng guó rén lái jiǎng, tā xiàng xī fāng de shèng dàn yi yàng zhòng yào.
To the Chinese people it is as important as Christmas to people in the West.

Zhè ge shèng dà qìng diǎn shì yóu zhōng guó de nóng lì jué dìng .
The dates for this annual celebration are determined by the lunar calendar.

“过年”意思是“度过年假这几天 ”
"Guò Nián," yì si shì "dù guò nián jià zhè jǐ tiān"
"Guò Nián," meaning "passing the year,"

Rén mén cháng yòng fàng pào zhú lái gǎn zǒu xié líng hé yíng jiē xīn de yī nián.
People often let off fire-crackers which serve to drive away the evil spirits and to greet the arrival of the new year.

chú xī, shì suǒ yǒu de jiā tíng chéng yuán gòng tóng de jié rì.
On New Year's Eve, all the members of families come together to feast.

Běi fāng rén xǐ huān chī jiǎo zi, ěr nán fāng rén xǐ huān nián tián nuò mǐ gāo, chēng wéi nián gāo.
Northern people like to eat Jiaozi, a steamed dumpling; while southerners favor a sticky sweet glutinous rice pudding called nian gao.

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Re: How to Celebrate the coming Chinese New Year

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What's the difference between the mandarin language and the chinese one? Is it a dialect or simply a complete language with it's vocabulary and a special grammar?

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Re: How to Celebrate the coming Chinese New Year

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In English, the term "Chinese" can be used broadly (referring to all the varieties of speech and written language that share the same heritage of classical Chinese, and which are now quite divergent) or narrowly (to refer the the dominant and official variety of speech and the style of writing and reading that is based on it). The narrow reference of Chinese is also called Mandarin, when the distinction is important. The broad meaning covers the native language varieties of about 95% of the population in the People's Republic of China, while the narrow meaning refers to the variety that is natively spoken by about 70% of the population, although most of the other 30% speak Mandarin as a second language.
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Re: How to Celebrate the coming Chinese New Year

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mandarin language is the Standard chinese uesd in by officials and all over the world china
it is exactly right that the main difference between mandarin and the chinese one is theDialect