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Re: the chinese alphebet

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盼 (pàn) To Expect/ To Hope for (Advanced)
The character “盼 (pàn)” means to expect or to hope for.
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Chúxīyè hái méi dào, háizimen jiù kāishǐ pàn le, yīnwèi tāmen kěyǐdédào yāsuìqián ne!
Children start to expect the arrival of New Year's Eve even though it hasn't come yet, because they can get pocket money on New Year's Eve.
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Re: the chinese alphebet

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vijoo wrote:I speak mandarin and I'm trying to learn Shanghainese, after looking at this page it seems alot of you are VERY confused, first off you must get a chinese name, there is no possibility of translation to proper nouns, Chinese names are given by personality. Secondly, chinese is a logographic language.
Man you are absolutely right.

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Re: the chinese alphebet

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Why don't you learn every character and recite it in a song. That way they will be easier to learn ><
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Re: the chinese alphebet

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:lol: :lol: :lol: