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Interested in learning Chinese

Post by Nilanjana »

Hello everybody,

I am a new member to this list. I am interested in learning Chinese. Now the first ques that I want to ask is Can chinese be typed out in Ms-Word. I have Arial Unicode font installed in my machine. I have heard that it is needed for viewing or writing Chinese.

What is needed & from where shall I start in order to learn?



Re: Interested in learning Chinese

Post by Nilanjana »

Why everybody is mute? Is there nobody to reply to my query?

Dylan Sung

Re: Interested in learning Chinese

Post by Dylan Sung »

You need a little patience.

Yes, you can write Chinese in MS-Word. However, just having a font does not enable you to do so. You need to have installed something called an Input Method Editor, or IME. What this does, is act as a user interface between you and the thousand of possible characters you want to input.

It also depends upon which operating system you use. If you're using Win 3.x, 95, 98 etc, you may need to download the IME software from Microsoft. You have to decide on whether you want to input in Traditional Chinese or Simplified Chinese. The former type of character set is used mostly in Taiwan and Hong Kong, the latter in China, Singapore and Macau. Or, you might like to use both.

In anycase, you are faced with separate several megabyte downloads, if it is worth your while doing so.

I am using Win XP which comes with Chinese and other East Asian languages pre-installed, but I needed to set them up for use. To do this, you can use the Help and Support from the windows logo keyboard to call up the start menu. Just type IME into the search box and it will come up with topic alled Add another keyboard layout or Input Method Editor (IME)
click on this "task" and up pops up the information about how to add new languages. Just follow the advice given, and once you've chosen the language and keyboard, a language bar will be created in the bar across the bottom of your desktop.

For traditional Chinese, I would choose the new Microsoft New Phonetic IME 2002a, or newer version, as you have the option of changing the layout of the input keyboard from a basically bopomofo input to one which utilises standard hanyu pinyin. For the simplified Chinese, Microsoft Pinyin IME 3.0 is easy to use.

Once these are installed, open Word, and then activate the language bar to the language of choice, say simplified Chinese, and start typing in Chinese. You can toggle in and out of Chinese/English input using the shift key.


Sammy Bates

Re: Interested in learning Chinese

Post by Sammy Bates »

Hmm .. wonder if it works with Windows ME ?

If not is there a Microsoft Update I can download ?




Re: Interested in learning Chinese

Post by sanaa »

I like to learn chineese languge & how to write some important words, please help me,and thank you alot. sanaa


me too :)

Post by Cam »

Ni hao,

Ni hao ma?

Xiexie nin.


Zaijian. :)

miaka yuuki

Re: Interested in learning Chinese

Post by miaka yuuki »

hi. i really wanted to learn on how to speak chinese and write. but ofcourse i cant do that if i dont know the letterings or the alphabets of your. pls. help me