Help making a small letter/question handout in Chinese

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Help making a small letter/question handout in Chinese

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Hi, my name is mich and I am a dutchman living in Italy, working as a business analyst.
I have relocated to Italy to learn italian from zero (by confrontation) witch worked out well for me; books aside I learned faster and easier with a lot more fun and speed.

For many many years I have been very interested in the distant but wonderful chinese culture and now I'm seriously eager and willing to learn to speak and so: show my proper respect; writing will come later.

Unfortunately, in this region the chinese community is very cautious and protective against the 'outside world'; It iss understandable if to you get to know the italian preconceptions against strangers.
I did find out that as a non-italian they treat me with more respect and curiosity after just a greeting and thank you in chinese, which are the only words I know now. (perhaps also for being known as a little crazyfunny)
And with my hands feet and face I can always make them i try to communicate with them and theid children; Humor is always the best opener, I found out in every nation I have lived in.
So, doors are ajar for me to request help as they always take the time to to talk and help me patiently. I have been advised to write a small request to hand out.

So I would like to make a carefull and gentle advertisement witch i can hand to those who I have met now:
Can somebody please help me translate or correct this humble message?
If possible, make it in a funny way, because it fits my personality and is, hopefully, a little expected from me now. (please ad a translation so I know what they are reading :)
I would really appreciate your help and I will post my proceedings naturally (maybe even in chinese...)

I had something like this in mind, any or many corrections are welcome:

Humble, funny but curious dutchman (The Netherlands) is looking for gentle, friendly and proud chinese people who love to demonstrate chinese culture and language from level zero at their convenience.
I speak english, German, Dutch, italian an 'international hand-and-feet-talk' fluently and currently I can only admire the Chinese wisdoms.
Assistance in any and many way, personal and/or business comes naturally from my side.

Thanks in advance.