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Write Chinese on web browser

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Hi all,

I'm a Chinese-Canadian student who speaks Chinese natively. Since I came to Canada, my Chinese writing skills gradually vanished so I recently created a website, just for fun, to help me practice writing Chinese online.

The website is at: http://writechinese.co.nf/

I'm still working on the site and it's on a free web host. Right now, it works on touch screen PCs with a modern browser (I tested it the most on Chrome). I'm going to add support for mouse very soon, for those who don't have a touch screen!

To use it, you gotta select a "package" from the home page, (e.g. "Numbers“ under "Words"). Clicking on "Words", "Phrases" or "Paragraphs" does not work yet, unfortunately (will work soon). I've created a few packages so far for demo purpose.

Once you select a package, Chinese character sets will slowly load up on the left side. Once they load, just touch the one you're interested in and it'll show the characters from that particular set. If the set you selected contains only one character then you gotta touch it again. Then, the right side will load up with a traceable version of the character and you can trace over it on your touch screen!

Please let me know what you think and whether this can be helpful! I would also love ideas for new packages! I'm thinking of allowing the public to upload their own packages in the near future.

If I get positive feedbacks, maybe I'll make mobile versions :)