where to improve your chinese in Beijing!!

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where to improve your chinese in Beijing!!

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MEC Mandarin Education Center (www.mecledu.com)

MEC has been opened to all the people who wish to study the Chinese
language and who want to know more about Chinese culture, with
professional teachers and multiple cultural programs available. MEC
offers not only the right program that helping you to reach your
language goals but can also provide cultural activities and exposure
to China's history

Course Selector


Language training

MEC offers General Chinese, Business Chinese and HSK and Company
Chinese Language Test Preparation courses. All Mandarin Chinese
Courses are designed to provide students with the necessary language
and cultural skills to succeed in both a personal and professional
Chinese language environment. Each course consists of speaking,
listening, reading and writing, while also gaining cultural
understanding. The two points are the most important to improve
Chinese language progress, they are:

* Speaking and Listening Class - Speaking Class primarily focuses on
correct pronunciation and word usage. This class is designed to
improve speaking and listening skills so that students feel more
confident when using new grammar and vocabulary in real-life
situations. We provide ample opportunity for students to speak more,
which we believe is the key to improvement. The listening class
focuses on listening to different Mandarin speakers in different
situations, so that students can practice listening and understanding

* Grasp the Grammar- Having the fundamental grammar skills, sentence
structure and vocabulary are the basic skills for students to grasp
Chinese language. MEC teachers have lots of experience in teaching
students in this regard by using text books as well as other media

Culture Activities

MEC always arranges many interesting and meaningful activities that
help student to learn more about Chinese language and Chinese culture,
such as:

Chinese Cooking

China is a country where the preparation and appreciation of food has
been developed to the highest level.
The art of Chinese cooking has been developed and refined over many
centuries. Emperor Fuxi taught people to fish, hunt, grow crops


Calligraphy has endured for more than 2,000 years, and evolved into
five main ways of writing each with different techniques. Even today,
these are still followed and practiced often as a hobby.
Just as calligraphy is an art p

Chinese Chess

Xiangqi is a two-player Chinese board game originated from military
strategies in the Spring and Autumn and the Warring States Periods, by
which time there had been official documents about the game. The early-
stage xiangqi was composed of three components: che


Mah-jong is a competitive game with a history in China. As it is
played with tiles, similar in physical description to those used in
dominoes but engraved with Chinese symbols and characters,mah-jong is
also jokingly called a game to "move" or &am

Chinese Traditional Instrument

The Zheng, commonly known as Guzheng, (pronounced "Goo-Jeng"), is a
plucked string instrument that is part of the zither family. It is one
of the most ancient Chinese musical instruments, and is mentioned in
documents written in the Qin dynasty&nbs

Chinese Massage

Chinese massage, also called Tuina, is an Oriental Bodywork Therapy
that has been used in China for 2,000 years. Tuina uses the
traditional Chinese medical theory of the flow of Qi (air) through the
body as its basic therapeutic principle. Through the

Martial Arts


Chinese Kungfu, also called "martial art", is a sport item created by
the Chinese people during a long time of historical development.
Chinese martial arts on the whole pursue the effect of wrestling and&