Lean Chinese with native speaker and flexible schedule

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Lean Chinese with native speaker and flexible schedule

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free free free free free ree ree to learn chinese

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If you want to improve your mandarin seriously, it is a great chance for you.
We have a project called “Language Exchange” or “Learn Languages from Each Other”. We find there are so many foreigners want to improve their mandarin and Chinese want to improve their English or other foreign languages. What we do is match them and they teach each other 1 hour language.
The Chinese side: all of them are well-educated, like white collars, lawyers or doctors, whose English (mostly) is not so good.
The foreigner side: we welcome all the foreigners come to us to participate in this project.

We charge nothing from the foreigners. What’s more, our course consultant will check after each exchange to make sure that you get the most out of the project. Besides, you can get 6 hours (3 times) free mandarin lesson by professional teachers after 10 times exchange.

It’s our New Year promotion, seize the chance and don’t let it slip away. Just call for enrollment.

Mandarin Morning Language Center
Contact: Ella
Cellphone: 135-2438-3909
Email: conniey84@gmail.com
Add: Room 1404, NO. 58, Jiaozhou Rd, Jing’an District (5 minutes walk from Jing’an Temple Metro Station of Line 2)