There is a very useful website to learn Cinese (Mandarin)

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There is a very useful website to learn Cinese (Mandarin)

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There is a very useful website to learn Cinese (Mandarin)
You can't miss it
1.Handwriting Recognition
The handwriting tool allows you to find characters by drawing them. Simply write the character in the box and select the desired one from the list that appears

2.learn Character Decomposition and Stroke Order
3.Theme Words
Theme Words are lists of words with pictures about certain topics. The themes make it easy to find groups of words that are related, such as vegetables or places.
Conversations’ is a section containing dialogues between two or more people about a certain topic. You can find conversations made by nciku or users and grab or edit them, or make your own brand new conversations。
5.Pinyin assist
Pinyin assist gives you the pinyin for Chinese characters on nciku without you having to look them up on your own
6.Text to speech
Text to speech allows you not only to read the text but to hear how the text sounds as well. All of the entries, examples, and conversations can be listened to with their proper pronunciation. Create a conversation and hear it come alive!