Semi-formal email in Chinese

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Semi-formal email in Chinese

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I'm wondering if anyone can help with the structure of an email written in Chinese (I'm wanting to email a Chinese professor to talk to him about an article he wrote).

Mainly I'm interested in the general structure of such an email. For example, how should I start it? And then how should I end it?

Normally in English you would do something like this... (very similar to a letter)
Dear Professor (*or appropriate title, Mr, etc*) *addressee's full name*,


Kind Regards (*or other ways of saying thank you and ending*)

*my full name*
Any guidance would be much appreciated! :)

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Here is a sample template:
(surname) 教授 (or other title) 您好:

(You can use to refer to the professor and or 在下 to refer to yourself)
(You should write in a more formal register than regular speech, and use phrases such as 非常感謝 to express thanks, 煩請 for requests, etc.)

敬祝 教安!
(your title, or school and major, e.g. 台灣大學物理系) (your full name) 敬上
This should be formal enough if you're writing to a professor in Taiwan. If you're writing to a professor in China, then this is probably more formal than necessary, but that shouldn't be a problem.)

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Thanks! 謝謝!

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Thank you for your help duaaagiii.


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In mainland China, letters usually end with "此致,敬礼", but that's usually only in formal letters. Emails usually omit that. - Secrets of learning Chinese easily, quickly and inexpensively

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