Interesting Chinese learning resources

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Interesting Chinese learning resources

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These are some good resources to learn the beautiful Chinese language on the internet :
Learn Chinese : Free Mandarin Chinese lessons. Each of the 15 units contain easy to understand dialogues, usage notes and a practice page.

Chinese-English dictionary : An easy-to-use dictionary with over 34,000 entries. It can be searched by Chinese characters, Pinyin, or English. Audio pronunciation is available.

Chinese in the news : News articles about the Chinese language. The list of articles is continually updated from sources around the Internet.

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Some other not bad neither...

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Huge online chinese english dictionary : more than 54 000 entries, and soon more than 70 000.

Of course audio mandarin lesson (with mp3 file), write characters lessons and many more...

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thank's alot friend

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Re: Interesting Chinese learning resources

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I am interested in Chinese culture and history, so I begin to learn Chinese. There are a lot of learning Chinese website on the Internet, but I find a characteristic website. I highly recommend Learn Chinese Website. It is a very interesting site to learn Chinese. :P