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Learn Chinese on Android

Post by stephen »

Hi everyone,

I always like to learn new things. But I found it boring to learn from books. Since I like to play on my Android phone alot. Why not make some games to share our cultures and/or help people learn chinese by playing.

so here is a 2 player games, hope it helps people to memorize/learn from it

https://market.android.com/details?id=c ... chiengfree


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Re: Learn Chinese on Android

Post by wangll08 »

oh, we have lots of free softwares in our website, you could download and use it. www.chinesetones.com, learn chinese, easy and fun.

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Re: Learn Chinese on Android

Post by airlied »

hi stephen,

do you have iphone app about learning chinese? one of my australian friend wants such an app, i wanna recommend one for him