meaning of idiom 风生水起

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meaning of idiom 风生水起

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I came across this idiom in the following sentence:


BTW, I found an explanation (Google 风声水起是什么意思) that says this is rooted in a folk story about fishermen that had no firewood and had to eat the fish raw, and then this became a name for a cooking style.. but even if this is a relevant answer I'm still not sure I understand how this idiom is used today and in this sentence in particular.

This one is really intriguing to me, I hope someone can shed some light!]rosetta stone Korean

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Re: meaning of idiom 风生水起

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it means that you develop well in a short time and can do thing well in a sudden time

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Re: meaning of idiom 风生水起

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Thanks to know the meaning of 风生水起. :lol:


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Re: meaning of idiom 风生水起

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Great to know about meaning of idiom 风生水起. :lol:


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Re: meaning of idiom 风生水起

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And originally, it can be translated to English as "the wind unboiled water gets up"? How does it sound?