Hakka language tapes

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Jeff Avenmarg

Hakka language tapes

Post by Jeff Avenmarg »

Are there any Hakka Language tapes available? Perhaps an online translator or dictionary?

I am conversing with people in Meinung, Taiwan. I only speak and write English (american).

Thank you.


Re: Hakka language tapes

Post by sadonychyanks »

Oh ,Nice to meet you here?
why are you so keen on learning hakka?
Please give me your address ,I can record some tapes and post them to you indeed.

Allen Han

Re: Hakka language tapes

Post by Allen Han »

Dear friend,

Hi, how are you?

It is very kind of you to put the answer on line and I am just takint advantage the internet. The purpose of my learning Kajia Hua is because I am very sensitive to languages and I am sure that I can learn it in a very short period of time if you can send me some tapes like Bible in Kejia Hua or daily speech around 1000 sentenses.

It will be very helpful for me to learn the language and especially know the people and the traditional better.

Certainly if there is any free on line kejia Hua learning that will be even better. Thank you very much.

My Mailing address is
Allen Han'
11725 S.W. Morning Hill Dr.
Tigard, OR 97223 USA

Oh by the way please tell me how much money for your tapes first before you mail them.

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Re: Hakka language tapes

Post by winniebree »

Wow, people are doing business here... :lol:
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