Vietnamese is sino-tibetan Part 2

Discussions on the Cantonese language.
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Re: Vietnamese is sino-tibetan Part 2

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hello guys,

I am Teochew Vietnamese or Hoa people in Vietnam.

I wonder if you guys mind my intervention

What you guys discussing is very interesting. I lived in Vietnam 5 years ago but now end up into an Australia citizen.

dunno if my info can help you guys a bit:

I dunno whether Vietnamese language is a Chinese language a not but what they call it a Vietnamese Language but also known in English as:

Sino-Vietnamese language or French invented Vietnamese language(because it's based on latin)

Han-Vietnamese or Traditional Vietnamese (200% absolutely in Traditional Chinese writing system and characters)(年 for year)

Chu Nom (another type of traditional Vietnamese stiill in Chinese characters but was modified)(南年 for year and note. those two characters just mean year in Chu Nom, not one like Han-Vietnamese)

Vietnamese pronunciation is very similar with Cantonese and Mandarin in some degrees (especially the Southern Vietnamese language because we have the north, central and south languages, each of them have accent differently and special words for each region) so in Vietnam, they usually say "If you caan speak Vietnamese well, then Cantonese is not a hard language for you to learn"

Hope my info can help you guys a bit

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Re: Vietnamese is sino-tibetan Part 2

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alexchau wrote:hello guys,

I am Teochew Vietnamese or Hoa people in Vietnam.
Welcome aboard ! You've revived an extremely old thread.

If you take away the grammar and all those mon-khmer words, you're left with those Han-viet vocabulary then it is considered a chinese dialect. :lol:

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Re: Vietnamese is sino-tibetan Part 2

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I just want to have a few words. i read this topic started from part 1 (i didn't even know there's part 2) and realized it started since 2004 and going to 2010. It's just unbelivable.  :mrgreen:

i'm a vietnamese and i don't know if it's true but today i tried to talk to my friends who's from GuanZhou. I just picked up Cantonese this few days and it's the 1st time i talked  in Cantonese (just some simple sentences and we're studying in America by the way) and he said he understood me perfectly and i got all the tones correct. Maybe because i learned Mandarin before. I don't know. Oh yea and by the way i'm original from Northern Vietnam but i born in southern. None in my family speaks Chinese and we use northern accent at home.

In my believe. Vietnamese and Cantonese have the same ancestor but now, Vietnamese is Vietnamese and Cantonese is Cantonese. I'm proud to be Vietnamese and don't want to link anything with Chinese or Khmer. And for myself, sometimes when people speak vietnamese i thought it's cantonese, and sometimes people speak cantonese i thought it's vietnamese. So i believe our languages came from the same ancient language.

p.s: sorry about the font, i typed with ping yin, then after a while i realized and turned it off so the font is kind of mess up. I don't want to retype it. so please bear with it.

and just for your information.There're many official discussion about bringing back Han yu (汉语 - Hán tự) in our education. Because of our abc writing, Many people can't understand Viet ancient literatures as well as understanding/using words wrongly including some language professors/news reporters/etc. And as someone who learn Chinese, it's really a headache to learn the vocabulary. For example: 飞机场. In Viet it's 场机飞. And if I want to shorten it. It's 机场 in Chinese but 场飞 in Vietnamese even though all the characters both Viet and Chinese as individual share the same meaning. And somehow, sometimes we share the same grammar such as "I'm not online" which translates 我不online ,or 我没有online. Both can be understand in Vietnamese and Chinese but not English I not online - I don't have online - I don't exist online. it sounds funny.  :lol:

even for 起床 (wake up), Viet uses 睡起 or 觉起 instead . How can it be a Chinese dialect when there's a huge different in words order and using??