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the gab-gol characters were found to be recorded in an ancient
Korean history book called 'Chun-bu-kyung' that was published during the
Koryeo dynasty, in the late 14-th century. As the gab-gol characters were
firstly found from relicts of the Yin dynasty in 1899 AD, it is highly
unlikely that the Koryeo author in the 14-th century would have copied the
gab-gol characters from relicts of the Yin dynasty in China. This suggests
that prototype of hanja (chinese character) was indeed Korean, because
Chun-bu-kyung is the oldest history book in Korea and it recorded the
original forms of the bone and shell characters.

Since 1961, bone and shell characters have been found in bones from Korea,
but this is the first time that they are recorded in the book. No known
Chinese history book recorded the forms of bone and shell characters. It is
expected that this finding will help decipher some bone and shell characters
that have not yet deciphered.

c'mon, chinese had dictionaries like shuowen jiezi(说文解字,simplified chinese fonts) since han dynasty with the ancient writings recorded. its not that there are no known chinese history books on this. its just that u didnt know about them. besides, chinese linguistics is not a part of history texts. its call 'xiaoxue'(小学) and is a different branch of academic studies. since song dynasty (10th century) ppl had discovered ancient copperware with writings. the famous poet li chingzhao and her archarologist husband zhao mingcheng had wriiten a book on these things call 'jinshi lu'(a record of metallic and stone wares). since then there have been books on ancient wares and writings.

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Yeah, Mark... an "Anh-Viet 'sutiern'"... Nice joke, but what's the punch line?


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Re: Cantonese are not "authentic" Chinese

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all i want to say is...


and no i'm not vietnamese. wow! it's so amazing that i can spell that correctly.


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.........................cantonese are actually chinese. and it's genuinely chinese.

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Anh-Viet is Vietnamese for English-Vietnamese, and sutiern is church romanisation Hoklo for "dictionary"


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ppk wrote "even modern 'south vietnamese' are not 'authentic' vietnamese"

You are so correct; the southern Viets are not authentic Viets. The authentic Viets are the one who live in northern Vietnam and their Kinh blood had never tainted with any other groups. In sometimes in the 1930's, emperor Bao Dai of Vietnam required every Vietnamese family to turn in their lineage log books so his administration can find out what percent of the Viet population are the authentic Vietnamse (aka the Kinh race). And it turned out that 30% of the Viets have Chinese blood, 20% have Cham,Khmer or other's blood and only 50% of the Viets had never intermarriaged with any other race and still retain their pure Kinh blood. And one thing that does not surprise everyone at all was that the intermarriage between the Chinese and Viets only took place in the post 1650's era and none during the 1000 years under Chinese rule. Furthermore, the finding also reveal that most of the pure Kinh race live in northern Vietnam only that's why northern Vietnamese have very light skin in contrast to southern Viets who have dark skin due to the fact that many of them had intermarriaged with the Chinese, Khmer, Cham etc.

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The word china came after the qin state conquered other 6 states and established a unified country. From my opinion i think authentic chinese should be define as the people of all 7 states that were living in the year 221 b.c when the state of China was created and the word chinese come about!

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Forgive my western ignorance, but what's the diff between cantonese vs Szechuan - like in terms of dishes. I understand the regional differences. All I know of szechuan is szechuan beef. There used to be this amazing mongolian restaurant near where I grew up which served the best szechuan beef I've ever had. Spicy as hell, and very tender and juicy. All I can ever find these days are dry, stringy ginger beef which isn't nearly as good.

Totally different. Szechuan food uses loads of chilli and is very hot, with not a sweet bit in sight. Cantonese uses lots of sugar.

My favourite, and one of the stalwarts of dishes eaten by westerners in China, is gong bao ji ding, which is chicken, cucumber, chillis and peanuts all chopped up and fried together. It is teh delicious.

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Well Yue, if you need further proof that Cantonese are 'authentic' Chinese, did you know that cantonese is often said to be closer to ancient chinese than mandarin? Many poems that do not rhyme in mandarin rhymes in cantonese.

and as a cantonese person I felt very offended by your comments that we are not authentic Chinese.

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may I ask if an Asian becomes a U.S citizen, would you call he/she an authentic American?